Monday, November 24, 2008

What money does to people

It never seases to amaze me what money does to people, or family for that fact. I have never seen family members hurt their own so much as I have in the past few years. There are members of my family that I am no longer in contact with, not because of money reasons, but other. And now, wow, now it is my hubby's family. One piece of advice i can offer is to NEVer go in business with family. All it does is cause problems. I am sick of the holier than thow people thinking they are so damned better than me when all they do are things that I cant see how they are "godly". Why is it that people like that are the first ones to screw someone? I am so sick of family treating us badly. At least we have what is left of my family and that is all I need!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My first time

well this is the first time I have ever tried something like this but thought what the heck everyone else is. I have two great kids. My daughter is 10. She is into anything horses and dance. She rides the mare that I trained and the mare is now 22 years old. She broke her arm on July 29th so she didnt get to ride most of the summer. But she cant wait for the spring to come around. She is taking jazz, lyrical and tap this year in dance. She really likes it, and she is pretty good at it too. My son is 4, and man, if it has to do with the fire department, he is into it! He loves playing fireman. He is in pre-k this year and really likes it, thank goodness! My husband and I have been married 5 years. We have had our times, but things are good now. We bought a new house in June of 07 and 12.5 acres to put it on. If we could just get the dozing done so we could do our fencing and build our barn I would be so happy. I love our house! It fits us perfectly. Well that is about it for me.