Friday, March 27, 2009

Wow what a week!

WOW!! This has been a crazy week. Sunday when I came home from work Baylee was running a fever and throwing up. Well Monday she wasnt any better so off to the dr we go. Get there, dr thinks she has the flu but decides to do a UA because of her past kidney issues.(thats another story in its self). Anyway, UA comes back and the proteins in her urine are a 4+ which I am guessing is pretty bad. The dr then tells me that she has a severe kidney infection. WHAT!!! You got to be kidding me. Well, I had told the dr that for the past month or so, Baylee had been coming up with a fever of about 100-101 for about a day then it would go away for a week or so. Well, we are wondering if she hasnt had this infection all this time. Anyway, a shot of Rocefin later we are heading to go get antibiotics and the dr tells me that Baylee's white blood cell count is over 25,000. She then tells me"this is really bad". She wants us back in the morning. Well around 4:00pm on Monday Baylee starts telling me her rear is hurting where she got the shot. I tell her, oh it will be sore, well I look at it and low and behold, there is a blood blister the size of your palm and her skin is white and swollen. So off to the dr we go, AGAIN!!! Come to find out, the nurse hit a vein. So everything checks out on that and we come back in the morning. Tuesday morning we go to the dr and Baylee gets another shot of Rocephin and starts the antibiotics, 1500mg a day of Keflex. CRAZY!!!! So we come home. Wednesday, we go back to the dr for another UA and blood work to make sure everything is clearing up. Baylee goes to school in the aftenoon, and she comes home saying she is really tired and freezing and she is starting to have cramping type pain. So I call the dr, and off to the dr we go again!!!! We do another UA and wait til morning to find out the results. So now we are at Thursday, she still isnt feeling the greatest and now we have this new pain. Thursday we get a call saying all the UA's are coming back fine and so is the blood work. So why the pain? Well off to the dr we go again, FOR THE 6TH TIME!!!!! Do an xray and more blood work and UA, nothing. Also draw blood to make sure the kidney is working good. Well this morning we get a call saying the blood work came back fine, the kidney's are working normal and all is good. We think the pains are due to being clogged up inside. So this weekend she gets to take some good ole Milk of Magnesia to see if we cant fix the problem. Oh and did I fail to mention, this kidney infection was so bad she should have been in the hospital Monday!!! Well all is good and we are in the right track to getting her well again.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I think it is finally happening

Some of you know and some don't so just a short background. When I was in 4th grade I was molested by a friends father. Long story short, he served 1 1/2 years of a 30 year sentence. He has now been out of jail for almost 15 years. Well, it clicked in my head one day, I wonder if he should have to register as a sex offender? So I started making phone calls, to the department of corrections and to the state registry. Well low and behold, YES he is supposed to be registered. So I started making more phone calls, to our DA here and to the County Sheriffs office. I found out that because he was convicted of lewed acts with a minor, he will have to register every 90 days FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!!! Well, I found the person at the DA who is working this case, and just found out today that they served him the paper on Feb 23 that he had 3 days to register. Well the deputy serving the papers told him 10 days, whatever. He should have been registered by March 6th at the very latest. Well he has not. Hopefully he will be in jail no later than Monday!!!! Then after that, he has to re-register every 90 days FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!!!!!!!!!! I cant begin to tell you how happy I am that this man, well person will have to remind himself every 90 days that he is a sex offender. I so wish now that I would have thought of this earlier. But now, I am the one making his life miserable!!!!!!!! I just wish I could be there to see them haul his ass off to jail, AGAIN!!! I hope everyone is aware of who is in their neighborhoods. I have to drive by this persons house on a daily basis, so it reminds me of alot. And I think that is why I have been so adament about getting this done. I have kids of my own, I do not ever want them to have to go threw what I went through. I so cant wait for the day that he goes back to jail, I just wish it would have been for the remaining 28 1/2 years of the sentence. But I guess I will take what I can get.